Join the Tribe!

Join the Tribe!
Become a Certified Johnny G In-Trinity® Instructor


CERTIFICATION TRAINING is a single-day workshop that provides Instructors with the tools to teach In-Trinity® classes. Under the guidance of an In-Trinity Master Instructor, participants will learn the principals of the In-Trinity Training System through the Orientation and Warrior 1 Programs, along with detailed cueing, pacing, modifications and progressions of core movements. Live training gives Instructors the first-hand experience they need to successfully design programs suitable for training in a class setting.

Your enrollment includes:

  • Setup Video
  • Orientation Video + Profile + Sequence
  • Orientation Guide
  • Warrior 1 Video + Profile + Sequence
  • Journey Through Time & Space entrainment audio track
  • Continuing education credits: ACE (.8) NASM (.8) Coming soon: Can Fit Pro, Fitness Australia, Reps (UK)
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